Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dinnertime entertainment!

(turn your sound on - the twins carry this little toy piano around and love to play with it)

 Is this cute or what!?  This is the show I got while cooking dinner last night!   Yes, Camryn did follow and go down too but she outlasted my battery!  I'm getting 3 lessons for the price of 1 by just sending big sister to ballet!  


Melissa said...

What cute photos! I love them. One of the twins is littler, even now. Not sure which name goes with which one but the littler one is on the right in the early photo.Congrats on the "gotcha" day anniversary. We hope to celebrate our first one soon.

Kathleen Boyd said...

Pretty darn cute!! A little dramatic on Katy's part (love the sigh), but that's girls for you!! Enjoy your Thanksgiving...


Nana and Old Julian Crew said...

Too cute, and they are quite the dancers. You could tell that Katy got a bit dizzy and it overcame her. What fun and I really enjoyed their show. : )
Love Nana and The Old Julian crew.

Laura said...

I finally found a quiet, spare moment to see all your pics and really enjoyed seeing them. Katy's 4th b-day party looked like so much fun!

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving...you certainly have lots to be thankful for!

~Laura :)