Monday, December 15, 2008

"Oh What Fun it is!"

I am so grateful to have the girls home and to be able to share the Holidays with all 3 of them.  Katy is really enjoying all the Christmas festivities this year - much more then years past.  She was still fearful of Santa but I was able to get her to let me put a little distance between me and her long enough to get a photo done with her sisters.  The twins were a little dazed by the whole Santa thing but they did fine.   We've also really been enjoying driving around the neighborhood to see all the lights which are plentiful in our neighborhood!  Katy wants our house to look like all of the elaborately decorated ones - pressure!  I'm going to try to get something done out there but I did get the inside done and we're all enjoying that!

In addition to seeing Santa this weekend, we also held our 2nd Annual Gingerbread House Decorating party which was a lot of fun.   I'm usually pretty strict about sweets intake around here but, when it comes to decorating our gingerbread houses, it's a free for all.  Katy doesn't have much of a sweet tooth so she didn't eat too much.  Courtney started out by trying a spicy jelly bean so she didn't eat much after that with the exception of the frosting.  But, Camryn who would rather eat sweets then anything else, pretty much ate the whole exterior of her house.   I'll have to watch her - I think she'll be the one trying to sneak sweets when I'm not looking!  

I'm sure we'll have lots of Holiday pictures to share but here are a few from our fun filled weekend . . . 

Group shot trying to build Katy's courage . . .  

Success - Camryn was so fed up by this point that she looks like she's ready to tackle someone and Courtney and Katy are holding her back.

Katy hard at work getting the place in shape . . . 

Ready for the party to begin with favorite friends Gabby and Arianna.  Katy LOVES Gabby and tells him so all the time.  She dressed to impress him for the party and even put her earrings on (stick-on) for him!  I think they all looked pretty cute myself!  (I overdid it on the candy a bit but it was so fun picking it all out I couldn't help myself!)

Katy concentrating (note the tongue)  hard at work 

And, her beautiful house . . . 

Courtney after trying her "spicy bean".  Poor Baby, she always seems to be the one to get the "spicy bean" around here and it breaks my heart every time.  We're going to really have to work on that.

And, showing off her sweet accomplishment (while looking pretty sweet herself)

Happy go Lucky Camryn playing "Rudolph"

and, hard at work

after eating the exterior of her house!


AdoptaMama said...

Wow -- that looks like fun! I LOVE the picture with Santa. Absolutely adorable! :)

Melissa said...

Making those houses looks like a lot of fun. I bet the girls loved it! They all look so cute. I'm happy to see thetwins' hair growing a little. They look sweet with those few curls in back.