Thursday, January 8, 2009

Blog Out

I've been thinking it's time to complete the "adoption blog" as we have reached a point of "normalcy" in our little family.  Somewhere down the line a "family" blog may be something fun to do and share but, it does not feel that an adoption blog is really appropriate anymore.  

After pondering this for a while, I decided to sign-in tonight to sign-off and noticed that it was exactly 3 months ago today that I picked the twins up from the orphanage.  I then noticed that I had started the blog exactly 3 months before picking the girls up  -  my first post was exactly 6 months ago today on 7/8/08!   So, it seems a very appropriate time to close this chapter in our lives and enjoy the crazy, happy chapter we have now entered. 

My 3 girls are all doing wonderfully.  The twins vocabulary is exploding with Courtney following about 1 week behind Camryn in the words they're learning/using.  In a month, they'll be caught up I'm sure and, we haven't even begun the speech therapy yet.  They're doing well in their two day per week pre-school and will soon be going more often.  Katy loves having sisters and they love her.  They play together and struggle against each other just like any other siblings.  We're all very normal now which is really a great thing to say and feel and the girls are developing right on target.  We've all been incredibly lucky and a day does not pass that it is not appreciated in this household.    

I really enjoyed keeping this blog and corresponding with many of the people who have been reading it.  I'm going to keep it live in case any of the adoption information is helpful to new families going through this process in Ekaterinburg and will make a posting when and if I start a new "family" blog.  In the meantime, I will keep monitoring those still waiting for their 2nd trips (Laura & Melissa) and those who have been home and are still posting.   I really enjoy keeping up with those home and can't wait to hear good news from those waiting to bring their babies home.  

So, thank you for joining me on this part of our journey and for all the wonderful input and support that I received during the past 6 months!  

Lori, Katy, Camryn & Courtney  


Kathleen Boyd said...


Much luck and happiness to you and your girls. Just as I feel the triplets are part of my family, you and the girls are also. I have enjoyed reading about your adventures in motherhood. Thank you for sharing the ups and downs. Godspeed to you all... Kathleen Boyd

Laura said...

Lori: I truly feel blessed to have followed you through this process, read about your frustrations and excitement -- and especially meet up with you and Katy in Ekaterinburg just 2 days before your big Court Day. Your support, along with Carrie's, Melissa's and so many others adopting from Ekat, has been priceless.

I look forward to keeping in touch with you the old-fashioned mail and phone. And hey -- we live only 2 hours apart so I see the possibilities of family gatherings!!

Blessings to you, Lori, Katy, Courtney and Camryn. :)

~Laura (and Jon, too!) xoxo

Melissa said...

Thank you very much, Laura, for everything. I loved reading your blog and seeing pictures of your girls. Please keep in touch. Enjoy your little girls!

Anonymous said...

I have really enjoyed reading you blog. Good luck with your girls they are beautiful..
Thanks for sharing

Christine said...

Thank you for the wonderful comments on my blog. They were very encouraging for the family to read. SOrry to hear your blog is ending... I just got here. Hope you start a family blog.