Saturday, January 3, 2009

Winding down at home

I have always been a nighttime homebody but never a daytime one.  I like to be out and busy during the day and tucked in cozy, safe and warm at home after dark!  With my 3 little girls it is pretty difficult doing simple things like grocery shopping, going to the park, or, going anywhere for that matter so we stay home a lot!  During the school weeks, our days are broken up and pretty busy - getting busier every week but, during these holiday breaks, we're home much more than we are not.  

Being home this much has really been good for everyone.  It's hard to overstimulate kids when they are at home with just their little family (and a few visitors), and, since they're only 2 and 4 years old, there's not much for them to do but play together and with me.  Many hours of playing dress-up, playing in the backyard, watching movies (Mamma Mia again and again and again), making cupcakes (Katy got a cupcake maker for Christmas) and just doing homey things.  We have ventured out some ( as shown in my last entry) and did get out in the rain a bit today which was nice but, pretty much we've been in the house with a fire going all cozy and warm enjoying the Christmas break.    I think it has really helped Katy to be able to spend so much time with me and with her sisters without leaving for school everyday.  She plays with them much better, is listening to me and has been very positive and pleasant to be around.  Not that she wasn't before but things have a much more smooth and natural flow about them now.  I think she is very used to having sisters and she really likes having them too!  

I learned last week that the California "Early Start" will work with the girls until they're 3 years old in trying to help catch them up with their development.  They're not that far behind and I'm a little surprised at the amount of time they plan to spend with them, but I think it will be a great opportunity to get them with the "experts".  Each one will get 20 hours per month of in-home combined speech and occupational therapy for a total of 40 hours.     That will be pretty extensive as it will probably be somewhere around 2 hours twice a week so we'll have to squeeze that in somewhere!  Between that and attending pre-school twice a week, I think they'll be caught up very quickly.  Already they're starting to talk ALOT!  And, I can actually understand a good deal of it.  They may not even require the full 3 1/2 months of therapy.  We'll see.

Here are a few pictures from the last couple of days . . . 

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